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delicious natural dog food from paddock to bowl

Kankool dog food products

Established more than 11 years ago, our 100% natural pet meats are perfect for dog breeders and pet owners across New South Wales.

We’re based in Willow Tree, NSW, and can deliver locally to those areas listed further down this page.

100% natural – no preservatives

100% natural – no preservatives

We NEVER use any sort of preservative in our dog food. Our dog food is 100% natural and organic. We know that you care for what your dogs are eating. You would not want to eat cheap, preservative-stuffed food yourself, so why would you feed it to your dogs? Our meats are totally organic and never touch anything artificial.

Supplied fresh or frozen

Supplied fresh or frozen

We know that you need convenience while not sacrificing quality. Our products can be supplied either fresh or frozen, or you can freeze at home yourself if you do buy fresh and then decide you do not need to use it immediately. We can also supply defrost instructions so that you ensure the meat still reaches your dog’s bowl in optimum condition.

Hermetically sealed bags

Hermetically sealed bags

Once our manufacturing process is complete, we package the meat in high-quality, hermetically sealed bags. These are completely air-tight, ensuring freshness of the meat when you come to open. The product will never be tainted by the packaging, or go stale due to sub-standard packing.

The ordering process


Select your meat

We’re able to be flexible when it comes to your order and can use beef or mutton for your dog food. As always, whichever meat you choose, we will manage the production of your meat from start-to-finish.


Pick your size

Our products are sold in air-tight, hermetically sealed bags of either 5kg or 10kg.


Choose how you want it

Depending on the age and preference of your dog(s), you may have a specific requirement as to the final style of your meat product. Here at Kankool Pets, we are happy to supply your order minced or as chunks of meat. Each will be packaged accordingly.


Fresh or frozen?

Convenience is key for all of us, so when you order from Kankool Pets you can choose whether you wish to receive your products fresh or frozen. Even if you opt to receive the meat fresh, you can still freeze it at home if you wish to.


Free delivery

We can deliver free in the local area, meaning that ordering from Kankool Pets is easier than ever. Our delivery area covers Armidale to north, Gunnedah west and Central Coast south.


Why choose Kankool Pet Foods meat products?

If you have not yet read about what goes in to our great meat product, and want to learn about what makes us different to the rest of the dog food on the market, then check out the our story page to find out.

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